About The Carbon Account

Built by Torchbox

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The Carbon Account was built by Torchbox, a web development company with a strong focus on environmental issues. We made the Carbon Account because we want to encourage accurate carbon monitoring and reduction.

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Now that we've launched the Carbon Account we're working on tools for businesses. If you would like to find out more about Torchbox and how we can work together to fight climate change, please get in touch.


Jamie Andrews, Nick Burch, Dave Cranwell, Natalie Downe, Tom Dyson, Sally Edgington, Andrew Godwin, Steve Jalim, Nick Lee, Helen Warren, Olly Willans, Simon Willison.


For support, advice and solidarity from George Monbiot, Catherine Bottrill at ECI, CAT, all the CRAGers, Carbon Sense, Rob and Ben at Transition Towns, NEF, Gavin at AMEE, CSE, Leo Hickman, Matt Prescott, the WEN, Liz Reason, Chris Jacobs, Oxford City Council, Bartholomew School Eynsham and many others.


Django, Apache, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Graphication, Debian, Subversion.